Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Speaker: Buying Guide

We’re here to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a gaming speaker. There are many speakers on the market, and they all have their own set of features that can be beneficial for your needs. In this blog post, we will share with you our top 10 things to consider before buying a gaming speaker so you can find one that is perfect for your situation!

Top 10 things to consider before buying a gaming speaker

     1)The size of the speaker

Buying a gaming speaker first involves considering its size and how large of a sound you want to create in your room or office. The larger the sound, the bigger the speakers should be! Some good examples are towers, bookshelf, satellite/satellite systems, and soundbars. Tower speakers are the most common type for a reason: They’re versatile, which is why they have been used in homes since the beginning of time! On one hand, bookshelf speakers tend to be more compact so you can find them fitting better on smaller desks or tables. But if you want louder sounds with vibrant bass, you can opt for a subwoofer to accompany the bookshelf speakers.

Satellite/satellite systems are usually compact, small enough that they will fit on your desk or table. The best thing about satellite speakers is being able to add more of them when creating a surround sound system with just one receiver! They’re also easy to use. Soundbars are great for people who don’t have enough space for speakers, but still want to enjoy the immersive sound quality!

When it comes down to size, choose the one that works best with your setup and is within your budget constraints. For example, if you’re looking into buying a speaker system for gaming purposes in compact spaces while playing on your Xbox or PlayStation. you should go for the smaller satellite speakers. However, if you’re looking to create a surround sound system that will be used in larger spaces for enhanced gaming experiences. then it might be best to choose larger tower speakers!

     2) The power of the speakers: Ideal around 50Watts for gaming

Another important thing to consider before buying a gaming speaker is its overall power. The wattage will tell you how much sound it can produce, so if you’re looking for powerful bass and immersive sounds when playing games or watching movies then always go with larger wattages such as 50Watts+!

If however, you’re looking for a more subtle sound or just want to listen to your music, then speakers with lower wattages around 25 Watts will be enough.

If you’re looking into buying a speaker system that has multiple pieces so it can create surround sounds, the most important thing about this is making sure all of them have similar wattage ratings. If they don’t match each other, the sound quality might be affected.

     3) Bluetooth

Another thing to look out for when buying a gaming speaker is whether or not it has Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to connect your devices wirelessly, including mobile phones and tablets!

This way, if you’re looking into using these speakers in multiple rooms then all of them can be synced up without the need for cables running across the floor.

If you’re looking into getting a wireless speaker, then Bluetooth is definitely something that should be on your list to consider before buying!

     4) Durability & Design

To buy a gaming speaker that will last for years, it’s important to consider its durability. Speakers don’t usually have moving parts so they’re not prone to wear and tear like other electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones.

However, you should still look out for speakers with higher quality material because this is what makes them more durable. For example, some speakers use wood & aluminum as a material for their exterior which can make them more long-lasting and durable!

Some manufacturers like Logitech make their products out of durable plastic materials as well. so they can stand the test of time. As these are usually the most likely brands to make wireless speakers that can be used in gaming rooms, bars & clubs, or other places where they’ll be exposed to harsh conditions daily!

In addition to durability, the design of your gaming speaker is something else that should be on your list when considering what to buy. Speaker designs vary from one another so it’s best if you see what kind of design you like and go from there.

If you’re looking for speakers with a sleek design, then the best thing to do is look up images online of what kind of speaker designs are trending nowadays! This way you can choose one that will fit your current setup and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Nowadays, gaming speakers tend to have minimalistic designs so they can fit perfectly with your current setup!

Furthermore, it’s important to look out for speakers that are slim and sleek because this will make them easier to move around if you’re planning on carrying them from one room to another. However, some people prefer speakers with different physical features such as cubes & cylinders which might be a better fit for their home environment.

To ensure that your speaker will have the highest quality, always consider how durable it is and what kind of design you prefer! This way you can be sure that they will work best with your current setup and make a statement at the same time.

     5) Portability & Wheel

In addition to durability & design, another thing you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is its portability. If you’re looking into getting big speakers that are easy to move from one room to the next then, it’s best if they have wheels attached on the bottom!

This allows them to be easily wheeled around and moved as you please.

On the other hand, if you’re looking into buying speakers that are compact and slim then it might not be necessary to have wheels on them. This is because they will easily fit in with your current setup without having to move or wheel them around too much!

When considering what kind of speaker design would work best for your home environment, you should also consider if portability is a factor that will need to be taken into account.

     6) Plug & Play ( USB ) : USB Powered w/ 3.5mm

In addition to portability, another thing you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is how easy it will be for you to set up. If the speakers have multi-functional plug & play capabilities then this makes them easier to connect with your devices without having too many wires or cables running around!

For example, some speakers use USB connections as a standard which makes them easier to connect with your devices. This also allows you to listen to music without the need for wires running across the floor!

USB Powered w/ 3.5mm Cable can be a good option because it has the capability of being plugged in and used directly with your devices without having to deal with too many wires.

In addition, if you’re looking into buying speakers that are USB plug & play compatible then make sure they have a standard input jack as well! This way, you can switch from using your speaker to your headphones at any given time depending on what kind of activity or function you are using it for.

     7) Colorful RGB LED Modes

When comparing different speakers to buy, another thing you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is the color options available. Some speakers are compatible with RGB LED modes which can make them stand out when used in gaming environments or at special events!

For example, some manufacturers put lights behind their logo or on top of the speaker box so it will shine brightly in one color or another when in use.

This makes them ideal for places like dance clubs, parties, concerts & raves along gaming rooms. where the lights are constantly changing colors to match the mood of an environment!

On top of that, if you’re planning on using your speaker outdoors then it’s best if they have touch control RGB LED modes. As It can be changed to match with the surrounding environment easily. This will allow you to have your speaker light up in any color that is necessary for the atmosphere or theme of an event!

     8) Wide Compatibility – PC, Xbox, Mac, PS, TV, Phones

When comparing different speakers to buy, one thing you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is its compatibility with your devices. The reason for this is because it can make them easier if they are compatible across platforms rather than only specific ones like PS & Xbox.

This way, you can be sure that no matter what device or platform you’re using it with, your speaker will be compatible. This makes it easier to switch back and forth between devices or platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues!

For example, if you’re using PC-compatible speakers only then plugging the speakers into USB ports can make them easy to use. But for consoles like Playstation & Xbox, it might require separate connection methods like an RCA cable, Optical Cable or AUX.

In addition to compatibility across platforms and devices, another thing you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is its connection with TVs & monitors! This way if your TV has speakers then this can make it easier to set up without having to purchase separate ones as well as allowing them both to be used at the same time!

What you should know about this feature is that it can be used on TVs & monitors. with or without speakers depending on how they are connected. As It will allow them both to work simultaneously which might prove useful in certain scenarios like watching movies, gaming, and more!

     9) Easy Control – Buttons, Wireless

Another thing to consider before buying a gaming speaker is the control buttons located on it. This can make them easier to use as well as adjust depending on your preference or personal needs!

For example, some speakers have touch sensors for controlling volume and power which makes them more convenient. As you don’t want to reach your TV set or computer system always for these.

In addition to volume and power buttons, another control option you should consider before buying a gaming speaker is the use of wireless remote controls. This allows for ease of accessibility when controlling your speakers from across the room or in situations where it’s not possible to reach behind devices!

     10) Price: Avg 60 USD

The last thing to consider before buying a gaming speaker is its price. Speakers can vary in price depending on their features, quality & design. So it’s best to determine how much money you’re willing to spend before starting your search!

As a general rule of thumb, speakers with basic designs and minimal extra features will be cheaper than those that have more advanced ones which are pricier. For example, some gaming speakers can cost up to hundreds of dollars while others might be around the $60 range.

However, it’s important to note that these prices are just estimations and actual costs may vary depending on factors like design & quality! For example, speakers with more advanced designs will tend to have higher price tags than those with simple ones which is why you should consider all of these features before buying a gaming speaker.


After considering all these features, I hope you’ll be able to find the best possible gaming speakers for your needs and preferences! This way it will allow them to meet specific requirements & personal desires instead of having lackluster ones that don’t do anything.

In addition, consider looking through reviews on different types of gaming speakers to learn more about each one. This will provide you with a better idea of what works and what doesn’t as well as provide recommendations from those who have already used them!

In conclusion, to find the best possible gaming speakers for your needs & preferences consider compatibility across platforms rather than only specific ones like PS & Xbox. In addition, think about their connection with TVs & monitors as well as their control buttons ( touch sensors, wireless remotes ). Also, think about the price & specifications of each speaker to determine how much you’re willing to spend on them.


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