Respawn Gaming Chair 110 – Top Features, Benefits & Best Sellers

Respawn Gaming Chair 110 - Features, Benefits & Best Sellers

This blog reviews Respawn Gaming Chair 110 – Features & Benefits.

Do you ever feel like your back is killing you after sitting in your office chair for hours? If so, it’s time to invest in a gaming chair. There are many different choices out there and one of the best on the market is the RESPAWN RSP-110 racing gaming chair. This review will discuss what makes this product so great and why all gamers should have it!

First of all, let’s discuss who the respawn chair is perfect for. This product was designed to be comfortable and supportive for even the longest gaming sessions. Whether you’re a console gamer or PC, this chair has got your back. For those who are looking to make the investment in their health and comfort as well as entertainment, this is an excellent choice!

About Respawn

RESPAWN Company, is an American company that specializes in creating high-quality gaming chairs for over 20 years. They are experts in manufacturing the best PC Gaming Chairs, PS Chair, Gaming Seat, desks, gaming accessories, and so on.

Respawn gaming chair 110 Review

RESPAWN RSP-110 is an ergonomic, comfortable racing-style gaming chair that provides great support for your lower back and lumbar. It has a high backrest to provide head, neck & shoulder support for long hour usage of pc console games or office work. The extra thick padded cushion and breathable material make it ideal for long hours of usage. The respawn gaming chair is comfortable. Even Though ad the armrests are fixed they don’t feel like they are digging into your sides or legs which can be uncomfortable sometimes if not in just the right position!

The base glides easily so that anyone would be able to move the chair around with ease.

Respawn gaming chair offers retraceable gaming chair footrest which help gamer to control the height of their feet, making it easier for them to set up a perfect position to enjoy their favorite gameplay or movie for long sessions.

The design and looks of this gaming chair are very stylish. The colors are awesome and the material used to make this chair feels very durable, which for me speaks volumes about its quality. However, it might get dirty easily so you have to be extra careful when playing or using it.

RESPAWN RSP-110’s ergonomic design makes your body feel good while sitting on it. It’s also a great looking product that adds an enjoyable look to your office or game room.

The price tag of this product is pretty affordable for the quality it offers in comparison to other products.

This chair comes with tilt (155 degrees) and lifts levers that allow a gamer to adjust the seat according to their preference. RSP 110 chair offers a fixed armrest which is very good for firm elbow support while gaming.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Respawn 110 racing gaming chair :


1) Great build quality:

The build quality of this gaming chair is very good and it feels sturdy even when you sit on the highest setting. The stitching is flawless, nothing looks like it would fall off anytime soon. The material is very strong and the chair feels like it can take a beating.

2) Highly Adjustable:

Respawn 110 chair offers reclining control with an infinite angle locking feature, So you can adjust the seat height, tilt angle to your preference.

3) Affordable Price: The price is very affordable for this quality.

4) Extremely Comfortable :

This chair is extremely comfortable and it looks stylish. It has a great build quality and the materials used to make this product are of good quality. The design is very ergonomic, supportive & breathable which makes it perfect for long hours of usage whether at home or office.

5) Excellent support with 5 years of warranty

This product offers excellent support and comes with a five years warranty which is very impressive. And the best thing about Respawn 110 racing gaming chair is that it’s not hard to put together as long as you have all parts required for its assembly.


1)  Unpleasant leather smell after unboxing :

The chair has an unpleasant smell when you unbox it which can be solved by airing out the product for a day or two before using or using a leather cleaner. It becomes less noticeable after that.

2) No cup holder or headphone hanger

Unique selling points for Respawn gaming chair 110

     1) Flexible seat height adjustability with infinite angle locking feature

The respawn 110 racing gaming chair has a flexible seat height adjustment. You can adjust the height of your feet according to your preference, making it easier for you to set up a perfect position while playing or using this chair.

This product offers tilt (155 degrees)) and lift lever, So that gamers could control their own sitting posture at ease during long hours of gameplay session without feeling uncomfortable in any way.

     2) Retraceable footrest with adjustable angle

This chair offers a retractable footrest which means that you can move your feet freely without any hindrance. You are also able to adjust the angle of your legs according to your preference, making it easier for gamers to set up a perfect position while playing. This feature is pretty useful when gaming on racing games where you need more space for movement.

     3) Comfortable Build With 4D Adjustability

The respawn 110 racing gaming chair is very stylish and offers great comfort. The material used to make this product feels really nice, the style of the seat looks sleek.

You won’t have to worry about ever getting tired from sitting in one position too long again! With infinite locking positions between 90 – 155 degrees, you can find the perfect recline angle every time – whether you want to play video games all day or just relax after work. And since this chair has 360 degrees of swivel rotation built right in, moving around is easy as pie! Now there’s no need to get up when someone knocks on your door or when dinner’s ready – simply turn toward them instead of having to stand up completely! This chair also comes with soft padded armrests that pivot along with the seat as it reclines for added convenience and comfort throughout your entire experience.

     4) Material & Durability

Respawn 110 gaming chair is made of Bonded Leather, which provides luxury and comfort during gameplay. The contrasting colors maintain a professional look while providing the best experience possible. Respawn 110 is the perfect chair for gamers. You can play your favorite games in comfort and style with this high-quality gaming chair. This durable chair can easily withstand even the heaviest 275 pound weighted person without breaking or tearing apart at all!

     5) Design

Respawn is a gaming chair with a unique, sporty and classic look. Built with gamers in mind to provide maximum comfort Respawn is constructed of thick and elegant fine leathers which will keep you relaxed day in and day out without losing it’s beautiful look! With many points of adjustment on the Respawn Gaming Chair from footrest, seats to arm rests you’ll find respite at home or work for that truly leisurely feel.

     6) Easy to assemble

There are some parts and pieces that need to be put together to make this chair whole, but it is very easy. As long as you have all of the necessary tools (a screwdriver) then you shouldn’t run into any problems assembling your new Respawn Gaming Chair .


Respawn RSP 110 ergonomic racing gaming chair is suitable for home use with a maximum 275 pounds weight capacity. Here is the list of the main features this amazing gaming chair has to offer :

  1. Bonded leather with excellent stitch quality
  2. Retraceable footrest
  3. Offers headrest and lumber support pillows
  4. Strong quality build , so it can hold 275 pounds easily
  5. Offers dynamic movement with 360 degree swivel rotation
  6. Year-round easy client support system
  7. Multiple color options are available

Chair Dimensions : 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches

Weight : 46.5 pounds

Manufacturer : OFM Education


respawn offers 5 years of limited warranty on 110 gaming chair , so you can be assured about the product quality .

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions around respawn gaming chair

     1) Does Respawn make good chairs?

Yes, respawn company makes many good gaming chairs. The build quality and design they offer are outstanding. Respawn chairs are the perfect chairs for gamers. because they have an ergonomic design that provides comfort and support, while its sporty look makes it ideal for any game room or office. The leather upholstery gives their chair a classic look but also ensures durability and easy cleaning. You can adjust everything on their chair to perfectly to fit your body – from the height of the armrests to the angle of the backrest – so you’ll always be comfortable when playing games or working at your desk.

     2 ) What’s respawn 110 racing gaming chair weight limit?

Respawn RSP 110 ergonomic racing gaming chair has a maximum 275 pounds capacity.

     3) Who makes gaming chairs Respawn?

OFM education makes respawn gaming chairs.

   4) Is Respawn 110 worth its price?

Yes, it is worth the price, especially if you are looking for a gaming chair with maximum comfort and style. Check the feature list above to learn more.

     5) How much does a Respawn 110 gaming chair                weigh?

46.5 pounds is the weight of Respawn 110 gaming chair.


We hope you liked this detailed review on respawn 110 gaming chair. This is really an amazing chair for gamers, with the highest comfort and style.

Thank you for reading this review! Please read our other blog posts to help being a buyer in choosing your perfect gaming chair . Also check out our blog on Top 50 gaming accessories that every gamer should have in 2022.


The Review

Respawn Gaming Chair 110

9 Score

RESPAWN RSP-110 is an ergonomic, comfortable racing-style gaming chair that provides great support for your lower back and lumbar. It has a high backrest to provide head, neck & shoulder support for long hour usage of pc console games or office work.


  • Great build quality
  • Highly Adjustable


  • Unpleasant leather smell after unboxing
  • No cup holder or headphone hanger

Review Breakdown

  • Overall Excellent 9
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