Minecraft on PS5: Release Date, Is there any upgrade for Minecraft ps5 ?

Minecraft on PS5: Release Date, Is there any upgrade for Minecraft ps5?

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Minecraft has been a popular game for many years now. The game is loved by millions of players across the globe and this popularity has not waned in recent years. Now, people want to know, what is the release date of Minecraft on PS5? Will Minecraft come to ps5 or will Microsoft announce any upgrades for Minecraft? We will talk about all these questions and more!

About Minecraft

Developed By: Mojang studios, Programming language: Java

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to build anything they want. The original version of Minecraft was released in 2011 and since then, its popularity has just skyrocketed! Now gamers are eagerly waiting up for its dedicated ps5 version.

It’s a survival game in which players must gather resources, build shelter & weapons to fight monsters. The game is available on almost every platform including Windows PC/laptops, Xbox One, PlayStation etc .

The ps4 version of Minecraft was released in 2019. You can play alone or can team up to 4 players. The PS Plus subscription will be required to play Minecraft online.

Does Ps5 support Minecraft?

Yes, ps5 supports to run Minecraft smoothly due to it’s backward hardware compatibility feature. All you need to do is to upgrade your system software to the latest version. Although you can easily play Minecraft on PlayStation 5 few features might not be present on this latest gaming console. Maybe later upgrades might scale up these features to reach the ps4 mark and beyond.

Latest Update on Ps5 Minecraft on June 7, 2023

News that Minecraft players will find exciting! Coming on June 7 for a variety of devices. The Trails & Tales Update is just around the corner. A new biome, extra critters, blocks, and a variety of tools are all included in this update. It lets you customise your Minecraft adventure. The possibilities are unlimited with Minecraft 1.20, whether you’re looking for a grand journey or a more complex story. Utilise two fresh whole wood sets: cherry and bamboo, for construction and creation. The cherry grove biome provides an uncommon and lovely touch of pink, while the bamboo wood set includes a craftable raft, with or without a chest. Also get ready for camel rides! Get atop a camel, either by yourself or with a friend, and easily travel the globe. These beautiful creatures’ lengthy legs shield you from aggressive enemies. Even though their lovely ear wiggles aren’t the most useful trait. don’t forget to adore them. Let your Minecraft adventures take shape while you wait for the Trails & Tales Update!

Source: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us

Does PS5 support the PSVR feature of Minecraft?

Yes, It does, you just need to set up your latest VR and camera setup and start enjoying the game.

How to play Minecraft on PS5?

There is not any version of Minecraft specifically released for ps5 till now, But as Sony’s latest gaming console ( ps5 ) is backward compatible you can easily run almost all ps4 games into it.

    Steps to run ps4 system’s Minecraft on ps5 :

     1) Insert ps4 Minecraft game disc

After inserting the Minecraft ps game disc into your PlayStation 4, it will automatically start downloading and installing. If not then browse to Library > Games menu on PS Store and find Minecraft from there. Make sure you have the latest system software update.

     2) Transfer Minecraft digital copy from ps4 to ps5 :

You can easily copy a digital version of the software on all PlayStation devices using WiFi data connections. Simply connect both consoles with each other through a Wi-Fi router, then go into “Settings” in both system’s menus and select the same Network in network Settings -or if this doesn’t work just try searching for WIFI Networks nearby your location (make sure they’re protected). Once you’ve found them click Enable before clicking Apply button at the bottom right corner.

     3) Download and install Minecraft on ps5 console :

After getting connected to the same WiFi network, your PS5 console will be able to start downloading Minecraft from your PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that this might take a while depending on how fast you have internet access and also if there are any updates for the game installed at the time. After it is done just go into Library > Games menu on PS Store and find Minecraft from there. Make sure you have the latest system software update installed. You can now enjoy playing Minecraft on PS5 which will give a whole new gaming experience.

When there will be Minecraft PS5 upgrade available?

There is not any official announcement for the Minecraft PS5 upgrade till now. The game publishing partner Microsoft might love the delay, so more gamer base can be shifted towards cross platforms like Microsoft’s Xbox or pc for the latest updates.

As Minecraft is a cross-compatible game and it requires a Microsoft account to support this feature. The Xbox can be benefited with a small delay to Sony users easily.

So overall for now if you have a copy of Minecraft on your PlayStation, either digital or physical, and also want to experience playing it with upgraded graphics & other features, then simply follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy the game as much as possible!


1) What is the ps5 minecraft release date?

There is no official announcement till now for the release date of the Minecraft PS5 version.

2) How are the Minecraft PS5 graphics?

The graphics are looking good for Minecraft ps4 version while running on PlayStation PS5, It will undoubtedly be more realistic when the PS5 version with ray tracing 4k capabilities is released.

3) Is Minecraft available on PS5?

Will Minecraft be free on PS5? No, Minecraft is not free on PS5. The full version of Minecraft’s base game is not available for free on PlayStation Plus. If you want to play the game beyond the free trial, you will need to purchase it from the PlayStation Store.

4) Is Minecraft PS5 Java or Bedrock?

On PS5, Minecraft uses the Bedrock Edition, which is the same version available on other consoles like Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Java Edition is only available for PC.

5) How many GB is Minecraft on PS4?

Minecraft on PS4 requires approximately 225 MB of storage space.

6) Is Minecraft PC free?

No, Minecraft deluxe and bedrock edition are not free on PC. To play the game on PC, you will need to purchase it from the official Minecraft website or other authorized retailers.

7) Is Minecraft for boys or girls?

Minecraft is a game that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. It does not have a specific gender preference and is popular among players of all genders.

Conclusion :

We hope this post on minecraft for ps5 covered most of the queries related to ps5 minecraft, if you still have some questions please comment below.

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