Gaming Bed: better than a Desk or Couch in comfort, design and more


The gaming industry is big business. With gaming becoming more and more popular, gamers are looking for new ways to game that offer comfort. The only problem with gaming desks or couches is the discomfort they can cause after long gaming sessions. This blog post will discuss how a gaming bed can be a better option than a gaming desk or couch in comfort, design, and space-saving!

Japanese company Bauhutte has introduced an amazing gaming bed that can be used for gaming through the night. The bed is designed for gamers who game all night or those who want a gaming space in their bedroom without sacrificing comfort and style!

This gaming bed promotes the concept of multitasking accessory solutions like gaming, eating, movie watching, and sleeping from 1 favorite single spot. It can be adjusted to different angles with the help of an Adjustable headboard for better head positions during gameplay.

With this gaming bed, gamers need not worry about their legs hanging in mid-air or tucking them underneath a gaming desk. It is designed for users who like to stretch out while gaming so there will be no problems with circulation or back pain!

The gaming bed is designed in such a way that it doesn’t take up much space. It eliminates the need for a gaming desk and a sleeping bed separately, allowing you to save space in the room.

It also has pockets to store snacks, controllers, cell phones or other gaming accessories. This gaming bed even features headphone hangers & cup holders so gamers don’t have to leave their gaming space to take a sip of their favorite drink!

Gaming bed also allows gamers to adjust the height of monitor stand through sliders which is very useful for adjusting angles hence promotes better screen view.

This gaming bed comes with ultra-comfortable materials, so you can have great sleep even after gaming all night long and no more sleepless nights because your back or legs hurt.

Lying in bed is the perfect place to play video games, but it can be hard to reach your phone or tablet. Bauhutte bed offers a solution with their adjustable gaming headboard that holds your mobile device at just the right angle for comfortable gaming.

This Gaming Bed allows you to play all of your favorite games from anywhere in the room without having to hold up your phone or tablet! You’ll never have to worry about dropping it again while playing on the go.

Bauhutte Japanese gaming bed is the future of gaming and will give gamers everything they could ever want in one single product! It doesn’t just offer gaming capabilities but also comfort, style, and convenience that makes this gaming bed a must-have for every gamer out there!

Popular gaming accessories Package Items you can buy with a gaming bed are :

  1. Bed desk
  2. Long monitor arm
  3.  Gaming sofa
  4. Gaming glasses
  5. Gaming blanket
  6. Side table
  7. Headboard
  8. Energy wagon
  9. Ninja suit etc

Gaming beds can be packaged together with any or all of these accessories as per your budget.

Why Gaming bed better over desk or Couch :


     1) All in one spot solution

Gaming beds offer gaming and sleeping functions in one single gaming item. Gaming Desk or Couch only offers gaming functions. No matter how many accessories you add to your gaming desk, it can never be a comfortable place for sleep. On the other hand, Gaming Bed is designed as both a Sleeping and gaming area hence this Japanese product wins over gamers hearts easily.


     2) Space-saving

gaming desk or gaming couch takes up much space . Gaming Bed wins, as it can be adjusted to fit compact gaming area also removes the need of separate bed and gaming spot in a single room.


     3) Better gaming experience

The gaming bed is designed to give gamers all comfort and gaming accessories that can be accessed from this 1 gaming bed spot make it a more organized choice. The monitor stands height through sliders and adjustable headboard makes this Japanese gaming item a more catchy product than a desk or couch.


     4) Save money on a desk and chair :

Gaming Bed wins over gaming desk and chair, as it is not necessary to get expensive gaming chairs or gaming desks if gamers are buying Bauhutte Japanese gaming bed.


     5) No more waking up in the morning with neck pain or sore shoulders

gaming bed offers gaming and sleeping functions side by side. Gaming Desk or Couch only offer gaming function which leads to muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, etc after a long gaming time. This Japanese gaming item is designed ergonomically hence gamers can lie down on it with full comfort while enjoying their favorite titles.

Price: Around 600 – 1200 USD, Check now:

The prices vary according to the number of accessories you purchase from combo like bed desk, blanket, ninja suit, glasses, energy wagon, etc.



A gaming Bed is a perfect gaming accessory that can be used as a gaming chair, gaming desk, and sleeping item all in one. This Japanese product offers everything gamers need to have a comfortable sleep after long gaming sessions without any muscle pain or neck problems.

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