10 Tips to Consider Before Buying Headphones: Buyer’s Guide

If you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, it can be hard to know which type is best. Wired or wireless? Noise-canceling or not? There are many different factors that go into choosing the right headphones, so we have compiled this list of 10 tips to consider before buying them! We cover all your questions about what makes a good pair of headphones and give you some great brands to look at. Check out our buying guide below!

1) Does the brand offer noise-cancellation technology?

The first most important feature to consider is whether the headphones offer noise cancellation. This blocks out any ambient sound, which means you can listen to your music without anything else getting in the way! Noise-canceling technology uses microphones that pick up outside noises and then generate inverse frequencies that counteract those sounds (that’s why it cancels them out). It usually requires a powered source, i.e. batteries or an outlet connection (usually both).

Consequently, noise-canceling headphones usually use more power than their non-noise canceling counterparts and therefore will have shorter battery life in comparison to the latter option. However, some models are capable of switching between “passive” mode with no sound cancellation and “active” mode with sound cancellation. In the latter, you can adjust how much ambient noise gets blocked out when using it in public areas, which is a nice feature to have if your surroundings are loud!

In addition to this technology being great for listening on planes or trains where there’s lots of outside noise, these headphones work well for people who work in loud office environments. In fact, some companies even provide their employees with noise-canceling headphones to help them focus on the task at hand (and drown out the chatter around them). This option can be pretty pricey though, but if you’re struggling to concentrate because of your noisy workspace then it could definitely be worth considering!

2) Battery Life ( At least 5 Hours )

Another most important thing to look out for when buying headphones is the battery life. This is especially true if you’re going with a pair that has noise-cancellation or “extra” features like Bluetooth connectivity because this will make them use more power. Wired headphones are often easier on your wallet in terms of price and don’t require batteries, which is why you don’t see as many wireless options that are also noise-canceling.

If the headphones do need to be charged then make sure that they have a battery life of at least 5 hours. This will give you enough time to listen without having to constantly recharge them!

You should try and find a pair that has replaceable batteries too! If the headphone’s battery gets damaged then it can be near impossible (or very expensive) to find an exact replacement. Look for headphones that have a removable battery so you can easily replace them with another one if necessary.

The same applies to rechargeable batteries too, though! If they’re not user-replaceable then make sure the headphones come with an extra charging cable in case yours gets lost or damaged (and don’t be afraid to buy a good third-party brand. as they can often be a lot cheaper than the original ones).

3) Fast Charging

The best headphones for running and commuting will need to be changed pretty quickly. This is because you don’t want them to run out of juice halfway through your workout or commute!

Look into the battery life on a pair that seems promising, then check how long it takes to fully charge them from zero to 100%. Some models can take up to 12 hours, but the most convenient ones will only need around 2 or 3. There are a few quick charge models available in the market like ‘ INFURTURE Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones ‘. It offers 2hrs of listening time with 10 minutes of charging time.

4) Comfort

One of the most important things to consider is how comfortable a pair of headphones are. You don’t want them slipping off your head or irritating your skin, so it’s a good idea to try and find something that has soft earcups and an adjustable headband. This way you can make sure they fit perfectly no matter what size your head may be!

In addition to this, you should look for a pair that sits around the ear rather than on it. These are better at blocking out sound and can often be more comfortable as well if your ears get sore from wearing headphones all day long. Another good feature is memory foam padding inside of the headband because these can mold to fit your head perfectly over time.

If a pair of headphones has a neckband then make sure it’s lightweight and flexible so that you don’t feel weighed down from the extra weight on your neck! Also, look for earbuds with unique shapes or sizes as they can often fit more securely in your ears than models with regular circular tips.

A good option loaded with these features is ‘TUINYO Over-Ear Wireless Headphones’.

5) Durability

Another good feature to look out for when buying headphones is durability. You don’t want them breaking after just a couple of months, so it’s important to find something that has high-quality materials and design features like reinforced metal hinges or moldable plastic parts.

Also, try to avoid anything with a lot of moving parts as these may become loose over time and break too!

If you’re looking for something that is durable then you should check out ‘ Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones ‘. It has a reinforced headband that offers flexibility and durability at the same time.

The next feature to consider is the headphone’s warranty policy. because it can tell you a lot about how much they care about their customers! If all of your headphones break down after just six months then the brand probably won’t be willing to replace them for free. unless there was something wrong with headphones when you bought them. or if they were damaged through no fault of your own.

The best brands will have a policy that lasts at least 90 days, but some go above and beyond this by offering 2 or more years as well.

6) Sound Quality & Frequency Range

Some people like to listen to music with lots of basses, while others prefer the slightly less powerful sound. If this is you then check what the headphone’s frequency range is and look for something that offers a decent level in either direction! You’ll find most brands offer at least 20Hz-20kHz (bass) or up to 18kHz-22kHz (treble), but some go even higher than this!

One brand that offers a wide range of frequencies is ‘Sound Intone Headphones’. It has a 20Hz-20kHz sound frequency.

In addition to this, you should also look for headphones with volume controls on the wire or earbuds themselves as these are much easier to adjust on the go than physical buttons.

Some models offer proprietary software which boosts sound quality up to 40% or more! Use your computer’s equalizer settings for best results, but you should also look out for these features when buying headphones because they can make a big difference in how music sounds even without EQ support.

For this purpose, you can choose ‘Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110’.

7) Non-Tangible Wires

One big problem with wired headphones is that they can get tangled up in your pocket or bag when you’re not using them! This happens a lot and it’s really annoying to have to spend so much time untangling the wires.

To avoid this, look for models that feature flat cables on nylon cables, as these are less likely to become bundled up in knots.

You can check out RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones. The quality is very good with Non-Tangle cords.

8) Microphone for easy chats

Another good feature to look for is a microphone since many headphones now come with built-in ones. These allow you to chat and talk on the phone hands-free, so they’re great if you spend most of your time listening to music, watching videos & playing video games!

‘Odaban gaming headset ‘ can be a wise selection for this purpose.

9) Multi-Platform Compatibility

Another area to consider is compatibility. Most headphones are designed for a specific device, but some brands offer models that work across platforms like Android & iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC & laptops! This makes them much more versatile and useful if you switch between devices often. Again Odaban gaming headset is a good selection, As It offers Multi-Platform Compatibility support.

10) FM Radio & Sd card slots

Finally, you should also look for headphones that offer a built-in FM radio. This feature is very useful if you spend long periods commuting to and from work or college every day! You can listen to your favorite stations even without having to use any data or Wi-Fi connection.

Some models come with an SD card slot too, which lets you load your favorite music onto the headphones directly! If this is something that would be useful to you then check out TUINYO Wireless Over-Ear Headphones.

     Wired Vs Wireless headphones:

When it comes to good quality headphones, both wired and wireless ones can be excellent. The best type for you really depends on what your needs are as they each have their own pros & cons.


Pros – No battery life limit / cheaper than most wireless models

Cons – Tangled wires that might break or get lost easily / can’t use when charging


Pros – No cables attached so more convenient to use

Cons – Expensive than wired models / some brands need to be recharged every now and then.


Looking for good-quality headphones is tricky because the market has so many options to choose from! However, if you follow these top ten tips then you should find yourself buying a model that lasts long and provides great value.

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